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Tired of searching the internet for the latest news of the century's most progressive economic sectors and events like the worldwide energy transition or 3DCP, meaning 3D printing of concrete buildings with advanced 3D concrete printers? 3D printing in general, also called 3DP or additive manufacturing (AM) is already transforming the making industry in an unprecedented scale. 

And last but not least, don't forget the mega transformation in the tourist & hotel sector since the start of bleisure travel. Combining work and leisure time in one trip has taken over the "normal" business travel since Ca 2017.

We collect all the important news for you in the "news blog" below. As easy as it can be!  The 21st century was already booming (in any sense of the word) but the big job is yet to come!

Please check the category of your interest in the "news blog" below for more information and latest events on your chosen subject. 

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The categories we have in our "news blog" are based on the domain names we sell the most.

For example:

  • Solar / Energy Transition / Electric driving (EV) and more.
  • Bleisure travel / Bleisure Hotels / Bleisure destinations and more.
  • 3D printing (3DP, Additive Manufacturing) / Building Information Model(l)ing (BIM) and more.

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April 2022
Mei 2022


Zonnepanelen Uitgeschakeld Tijdens Volle Zon

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 08:09:28 @ Solar Energy / EV


BIM, een Nieuwe Manier van Werken

Dutch-3DP - additive manufacturing -BIM.jpg

Admin - 13:02:55 @ 3D Printing (3DP / AM / BIM)

3D Printing Clothes & Food at Home

3DP - additive manufacturing -BIM.jpg

Admin - 10:14:18 @ 3D Printing (3DP / AM / BIM)


World’s Fastes EV Charger


Admin - 14:22:41 @ Solar Energy / EV

The Best Bleisure Travel Destinations


Admin - 12:21:53 @ Bleisure Travel / Destinations

Growth Potential of Bleisure Tourism


Admin - 12:11:00 @ Bleisure Travel / Destinations

Uitleg Over de Hybride Warmtepomp

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 11:03:39 @ Solar Energy / EV

Ernstig Tekort Personeel Solar Installaties

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 10:50:19 @ Solar Energy / EV

Hybride Warmtepomp Vervangt CV vanaf 2026

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 10:41:32 @ Solar Energy / EV


Groei PVT Zit Er Goed In

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 17:04:07 @ Solar Energy / EV

Wereldwijde Solar Capaciteit Op Weg naar 2 Terawatt

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 15:32:18 @ Solar Energy / EV

Elektrische Truck Straks Goedkoper Dan Diesel Vrachtwagen

Dutch - EV.jpg

Admin - 14:20:08 @ Solar Energy / EV

PVT Panelen + Warmtepomp Veroveren Solar Markt

Dutch - Solar.jpg

Admin - 14:17:59 @ Solar Energy / EV

Bleisure Johannesburg (South Africa)


Admin - 12:06:11 @ Bleisure Travel / Destinations

Subsidie voor Elektrische Vrachtwagens (EV Vrachtwagen)

Dutch - EV.jpg

Admin - 11:46:50 @ Solar Energy / EV


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